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Choice Floors carpet binding services turns carpet into beautiful new household rugs at affordable cost

If you have carpet leftover from an earlier installation, don't toss these remnants away, let our carpet binding service turn them into beautiful new area rugs. Choice Floors offers the lowest costs on quality carpet binding services for our customers in Denver, Colorado Springs, Madison, WI; Cedar Rapid, IA; and Billings, MT. Our professionals can convert your leftover carpeting remnants into beautiful new area rugs that will enhance the interior ‘look' of your rooms for much less cost than buying new ones. Many homeowners purchased new carpet in 100-sq. ft. rolls and ended up with portions of these rolls left over as remnants. Why let them stagnate in a garage or storage area when carpet binding will convert them to meaningful additions to your home's interior?

We have remnants for you to choose from to create an area rug if you don't have your own. Carpet binding utilizes a special binding tape to re-finish the rough, unwoven edges of leftover carpeting. This binding tape is attached to your carpet remnants with a special high-powered sewing machine. This service can be applied to carpeting remnants of any size, and will work with a variety of carpet textures and materials.

Here are some choices you should make before your carpet binding project gets underway:

  • Choose your colors - Select the color of your binding tape that you prefer. You can choose a color that matches your carpeting remnant or one that's bright and different.
  • Consider your design - Think about every aspect of your lifestyle prior to choosing a design for your carpet binding.
  • Select the size and shape - Decide what sizes and shapes you want for your new area rugs. Choice Floors can easily adapt the shape, size and width of your carpeting remnants to complement any rooms you wish to have new area rugs in.

There are many good ways to use remnant carpet after binding. For example, a simple runner for your staircase can lessen the possibility of family members or guests slipping and falling. The extra padding provided will also minimize any chance of injury, if somebody should fall. A custom area mat at the entrance to your front or back door can limit the amount of dirt, sand and other unwanted things from being tracked inside your home on people's shoes. This will extend the life of your flooring and also make it easier to clean your home.

Choice Floors can also bring older rugs, or family heirlooms back to life with carpet binding. Continuous family foot traffic over the years can fray the edges of area rugs and mats. However, carpet binding can put a stop to any more damage and repair any that has already taken place. This will add many years of life to your rugs by making new rugs last longer and keeping older rugs from starting to wear out. Need additional information? If so, please phone us, e-mail us, or drop by our showrooms in Colorado Springs, CO, Cedar Rapids, IA, Billings, MT, and Jenison, MI when it is convenient to discuss your interest in carpet binding with one of our professionals.




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