How to choose the perfect backsplash

Remember not-so-long-ago when the backsplash consisted of just six inches behind the range or sink? The role then was purely functional; to catch splatters and splashes and make cleaning easier. While they still have that role, they've also become a design tool, an expression of your style that ultimately becomes the room's focal point. So here are some tips on making your backsplash special.

Backsplash tile tips

The choice can be overwhelming so if you can't decide, live with it for a while by taping tile color and pattern samples to the wall so you can even see how they respond to changes in light. Mix and match different shapes, sizes, and finishes; as long as they coordinate, there's no need for exact matches, but you will create a unique, personal design. If budget is an issue, you can use some plain white tiles on the most significant area and add some highly designed pieces or Listello border tiles.



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Coordinate, match, or contrast

To coordinate, take a color, veining, or fleck from the counter and find a tile that works well with it. It's a good idea to invest around $20 for a color wheel to see which shades look good with each other. You can also match the two, for instance, by selecting a gray tile with a granite countertop or using a cream or beige tile with wood.

You might consider metallic silver backsplash tiles if you have slate counters and stainless steel appliances or gray-blue tiles with wood for added drama and contrast. For the latter, be sure whatever you choose also coordinates with the overall atmosphere, such as flooring and window treatments. But, again, you want to add contrast, not jar the design.

Kitchen remodel: cabinets first, backsplash last

Tile is still the most popular for this element, and it comes in countless colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. This should also be the last element of your kitchen planning so you can coordinate appropriately with the overall room. If it clashes, the design will be confusing, and the eye won't know where and how to focus.

You’re only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating backsplashes. At Choice Floors, we'll help you sort out all the tile choices, make the backsplash of your dreams and then give you a professional installation. Visit any of our showrooms in Colorado Springs, CO, Cedar Rapids, IA, Billings, MT, and Jenison, MI, for your free backsplash upgrade quote.