Hardwood flooring installation in a Colorado home

How long does hardwood flooring last?

One of the great benefits of hardwood flooring is that it lasts for decades; in fact, these floors often look better with age, and some have been documented as lasting up to 100 years. Like anything else, however, longevity depends upon how well you take care of them. Maintenance is relatively easy, requiring such things as wiping spills immediately, vacuuming without beater bars, strategically placing mats at entrances and in front of sinks; keeping pet nails trimmed; and using protective furniture pads so the floor won't scratch.

The importance of the coating

The top clear coating is the finish, which protects your floors from scratches and scuffs.  If you have new hardwood flooring and never had wood floors before, it's essential to know that many scratches are in the coating, not the wood. With proper care, you can probably go ten years or so before you need hardwood floor refinishing. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us, your expert flooring company.

Why hire professionals?

If you’re installing new hardwood flooring, the room needs to be measured correctly; no rooms are perfect squares, so there are baseboards, moldings, and door sills with which to contend. If not measured correctly, it could result in premature replacement, and subfloors also require care, such as restoration and moisture readings.

Hardwood floor refinishing can be messy and labor-intensive. It also requires the use of heavy sanding drums that are difficult to navigate and, if left in one area for even a short time, can damage the floor. Coatings need to be thoroughly dry before reapplying; when this doesn’t happen, it can result in a bumpy surface.

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